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Playful photos that match your personality

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Add an experienced photographer who embraces their personalities, and ‘forever memories’ are made
– without the corny posed shots!

  • Confused about where to look for an experienced photographer in Melbourne, who understands the type of images you want?
  • Concerned that your photos and video may make you look stiff and uncomfortable?
  • Are you worried the photographer won’t understand your personality?

If you said “Yes”, you’re not alone! Organizing photography or video is hard and it’s normal to be overwhelmed. We felt the same way when we were getting married and had no idea where to look.

You’re probably spending hours researching Melbourne wedding photographers and video studios online reading magazines and reviews and asking other brides. And you end up still not knowing where to begin! It’s easy to waste money and time seeing wedding photographers that don’t tick all the boxes.

So where to start?

Book an appointment with us to learn how to look for photography that is really you. A quick chat will ease any worries and let you know if we’re the right match. (Just make sure you say hi to us asap in your planning process, as we regularly get booked more than a year in advance.)

Then, take a deep relaxing sigh, ‘coz you’ll be seeing a highly experienced, passionate photographic studio (with an award or three under their belts), who will take your style of photos and video and make them treasures.

AND we’ll give you great ideas for wedding photography locations in Melbourne… we love helping you with that stuff!!

Can’t wait to hear about you, your partner, your wedding and perhaps about your crazy, but lovable aunt, who cries like a baby at every wedding. So contact us now to get the ball rolling. Calling us is the easiest way…

Rosanne and Robert



Struggling with your wedding vows?
This should help…

Writing your own vows is such a loving thing to do – it’s thoughts that come from the soul and can make even the most cynical wedding guest (or wedding photographer) gush with the water works. But, when it actually comes to writing them, you may be sitting there with absolutely no inspiration and the […]

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5 ridiculously
easy tips to find
your wedding dress.

Your wedding gown. Probably THE most important (and expensive) dress you will ever buy. So you want to get it right, you want to buy the perfect one. It’s just THAT important. In fact, it’s probably one of the most talked about parts of the wedding . What bride does not want to look stunning […]

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WARNING – don’t listen to your wedding hairdresser!

This may get me in trouble, but people in the wedding industry don’t always get it right. Most of the time – probably – but not always. Take a bride’s wedding hair. For years I hear wedding hair dressers telling brides to keep their hair in an ‘up style’. The ‘doo’ will last longer, so […]

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5 top secret tips, so
your photographer
will be Mr Right.

So the engagement buzz is over and now it’s time to get into the business end of your wedding. You’re the first in your group to get married, so you don’t really have anyone to ask. So what now? You can read this. It will lead you to the right steps, so you have an […]

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So you want
Fido included in
the wedding?

How important are your pets? I bet they are well and truly part of the family. They definitely are in ours. Who, every now and then, hasn’t worked their day around what Fluffy wants to do? Have you gone to the beach because Fluffy loves it or walked to a certain park because Happy wants […]

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A wedding
the groom?

Do you really need photography or video at the groom’s home? It’s a very personal decision. Not all brides and grooms want it. In fact, in our experience, after 0ver 3 decades doing video and photography in Melbourne, most don’t choose it. Watch this short video clip. It may help you make a hard decision […]

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Is a Melbourne summer wedding
a big no – no?

Summer – warm days, short nights. A time to play. Celebrate. Well..for weddings, maybe not so much…. You may assume a wedding in the Melbourne summer is great, but take a step back, and think about it… 1. It’s hot. REALLY hot! Grooms, do you really want to wear a suit in 40 degrees? Well, […]

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5 reasons to be scared about using an amateur photographer at your wedding…

So you have an uncle named Al, and he has a DSLR camera. Uncle Al thinks he takes some really good snapshots. Why shouldn’t you let him play the part of the photographer at your wedding? Here are five really good reasons you should be afraid of putting an amateur in charge of your wedding […]

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