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Melbourne bride and groom at Royce Hotel photography

What order should you book services for your Melbourne wedding?

You’re engaged! Yay! There’s going to be a wedding! With photography and cinematography … and everything!!

Well, that takes planning. Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney Perth or Brisbane, weddings involve LOTS of organizing.

So what to do, how and when?
There’s a pretty specific order in choosing things for your wedding.

And we can help. After being involved in photography and video for such a long time with Melbourne weddings, we know the planning sequences.

So consider looking in this order:
1.   The date. What season do you want your wedding to be in? Can you get time off then?
2.   Reception centre choice. How many people does it fit? Cocktail or sit down dinner? Do you need a big dance floor? Does it have wheel chair access if your guests need it?
3.   Location for the ceremony. Church, reception centre or garden? Religious or marriage celebrant?
4.   Wedding photographer/cinematographer. Photo and video studios get booked pretty quickly especially when it’s wedding season (for Melbourne, it’s October to April). So don’t delay. Boxer Visual are pretty good – hint, hint…
5.   Wedding dress – this takes time to make, so give yourself at least 8 -6 months before the wedding.
7.   Band/DJ. They also get booked early, particularly the popular ones, so they need to be near the top of the list.
8.   Bridesmaids dresses. If they are going to be made or need altering, you need to have time to do this, so also about 6 months before the wedding.
9.   Wedding invitations. They have to be completely organised and ready at least 7 weeks before the wedding, because they need to be sent out about 6 weeks before the wedding day.
10.  Florist. Do this at least 2 months before the wedding. They also may need time to arrange certain types of flowers and that may take time.
11.   Groom and groomsmen’s suits. If you are getting them made, you will need to do them about 6 months before the wedding. If you are hiring or buying ready made, they can be done later. But keep in mind they may need some alterations and that may need about a month to do.
12.  Bridal cars. About 2 months before the wedding, unless you want something unusual.
13. Makeup/hair. Give yourself time to have a hair and makeup trial, so book about 2-3 months before the wedding so you have time to arrange the trial.
14. Honeymoon destination. If you are using fly by points this should be done quite early. This also applies if you are going during popular times, like summer or school holidays.

So, has this given you food for thought?

Any questions? Agree? Disagree? Let us know. Post your thoughts below.

Or share with someone you know who is planning their wedding.

Contact us with any wedding questions, or to make a time to see us about wedding photography and video.

A quick call on 0412055059 will help you decide if we are a good fit.

Hope to chat soon…

Rosanne and Robert

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Melbourne spring weddings – perfect! Stacey & Luke’s was.

198LUKE 0042ay

Nothing is better than a Melbourne wedding with PERFECT weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

Spring flowers abound and the sun gives a warming glow.

Add a fantastic rustic location like Bridges in Hurstbridge, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, a happy bride and groom, and all is wonderful.

They exchanged vows with wedding celebrant Meg Marshall, in front of a flower filled gazebo, witnessed by family, friends and their baby boy who is cute as a button!.

Bridal nerves melted away after the wedding ceremony and a relaxed, happy couple had fun during their photos shoot and reception.

We wish Stacy and Luke all the warmth and happiness life has to offer. Have a fantastic honeymoon guys.

Below are a few of Stacey and Luke’s country wedding photos.

Which one do you like the best? Post in the comment box below.

Want to find out more about us? Shoot your name and number on our contact us page or give us a call.
Would love to hear from you…

LUKE 0042ay50LUKE 0002yLUKE 0047m50IMG_3253ayIMG_3369ny


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What does that thing on Donald Trump’s head and your wedding have in common?


A Donald Trump wig you can buy on Amazon

Just glance at tycoon Donald Trump’s face and there’s one feature that immediately grabs your attention – his hair. Over the years, Trump has been consistently creating a buzz through the never ending zeroes in his net worth, the reality shows and the numerous intriguing stories and opinions he has, especially in his presidential campaign.

Yet no matter how people view him, Donald Trump’s most interesting aspect will forever be his one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

Brides and grooms also want their wedding to be a one of a kind, whether they are in Melbourne or Mt Eliza or Malvern. They want it memorable too. One way to be an absolute standout in your own wedding is through awesome wedding hair.

Yep, you got it right. It is always about the hair, as it’s the crowning glory of any woman (and some men!) and it’s the first eye-catching detail on any person’s physical being.

Ask any other fashion blogger or stylist and they will certainly tell you how important the hairstyle may be for anyone who is trying to make a statement. Dignitaries, celebrities, and other famous personalities can attest that hair can either make or break their campaign or career.

It goes the same with wedding hair – it can make a bride’s look epic, or turn it into epic fail.

Just as Donald Trump owns up to his iconic hairstyle, make sure that your own wedding hair stands out during the big day. Shine the brightest and leave the entire room weeping as your march to the wedding altar, radiate like a goddess as you proclaim your undying love for your soul mate, and be the exact realization of the saying “the blushing bride” on your very own day.

Remember that photos and videos taken of the wedding day will forever be cherished; these are framed onto walls and passed on to the next generations on your own great grand daughter’s wedding day.

Who would want to go down in history as the grandma with the bad hair day on her own wedding day? No one.

So want to up the ante when it comes to wedding hair? Consult your wedding stylists and coordinate with the makeup, fashion professionals and photographer to determine the look that best suits you.

It’s a good idea to do hair treatments and other experimental beauty regimen at least 6 months before the wedding day, just in case you’ll be needing time to wear off chemicals, tone down allergic reactions, or simply just to grow out a bad haircut.

According to Donald Trump, “my hair is 100% mine” so take his billion-dollar words and make your wedding hair a hundred percent your own as well on your special day.

So what do you think? Post your opinion and any helpful suggestions below in the comments box. We’d enjoy hearing them.
Need any tips for your wedding? Call us 0412055059. We’ve have seen heaps of weddings, particularly in Melbourne, so we know what works (and what doesn’t).
Contact us – click here. We’ll make Your Day special.


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Who wants to save on wedding photography & video?

Melbourne photo & video savings with Boxer photography.

Doesn’t matter if you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, having a wedding can be (actually.. change that to IS!!!) soooo expensive.

There’s the photography and video, the wedding dress, reception centre, wedding celebrant, band or DJ, groom and groomsmen suits, bridesmaid’s gear, hair and makeup for everyone, shoes, and the list goes on…..

And so does the cost.

So who wouldn’t like to save a bit from here and there? Everyone, I’m guessing.

Well, we have a wedding photography expo special where you can get a free extra hour added to your photo package and discounts on a high gloss acrylic enlargement. That means you will be literally saving hundreds of dollars off your wedding photos.

All you have to do is contact us quickly, as it’s only for the next three weeks after the expo in the Convention Centre on June 26 and 27 2016.

So the trick is to be fast.

And this offer is available at the Melbourne bridal expo at Melbourne Convention Centre, this Saturday and Sunday.

It’s not only us that are giving discounts. Other wedding vendors are offering wonderful specials too, so it’s worth a trip. You get to meet wedding business owners and see what they have to show. You’ll get some great ideas and offers.

It’s like ‘speed dating’ for the wedding industry. In a short amount of time you get to interview prospective businesses that may help you put together your perfect wedding.

So come and see us. Say hi and we will do our best to give you images that you will love and want to share with your family and friends for a lifetime. With over 36 years in the wedding industry and multiple awards, we know how to give you happy, playful photography and video that matches your personality to a tee.

Really looking forward to seeing you.

See you then…..

P.S. If you can’t make it, contact us anyway and we will offer you the same bridal discount too. But be quick, as the offer only lasts for 3 weeks. So call us now 0412055059.

Robert and Rosanne

So what do you think? Are you going? Thinking about it? Have any questions? Post below and we would be happy to help.


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5 things NOT to do at your wedding.

Melbourne wedding photography  video tips

So you have no idea what you should or shouldn’t do at your wedding…  How could you know? You haven’t been married before, haven’t been to many weddings and none of your close friends are married yet.

So what’s appropriate and what’s not?

After being involved with photography and video for literally thousands of weddings in Melbourne, we can say we have a bit of an idea. So here are a few tips that will make your wedding day as beautiful and memorable as it deserves to be:

1. Alcohol

Don’t over drink – especially before the wedding ceremony. We understand the day is about celebrating and it should be. But pace yourself, as well as your bridal party. You don’t want to be drunk at 9 am. It can lead to disaster, so don’t do it.

Melbourne wedding photography of a groom and groomsmen by boxerphotography.com.au

2. Timing

Avoid running late. Do everything you can to be on time. If you are late for your wedding, everything after will be running late too. It will mean you have less photography time and your wedding reception timetable will be out of whack too. Food could be then overcooked at the reception as chefs run to a certain schedule and if it’s changed at the last minute there is not a lot to be done.

3. Food and snacks

Don’t stop off at McDonalds after the wedding. If you are hungry, get a family member or friend (not someone from the bridal party) to buy food and meet you at the photo location with everything. That means the photography and video can keep on happening. If you are off buying food, there’ll be less photos and photo time. And try to avoid food with tomato sauce. Obvious reasons on that one…….

4. Shoes

Don’t wear your bridal shoes for the first time at the wedding. Wear them in a bit. Weddings can be an 18 hour (or longer) affair, so it is important to make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day. It may be a good idea to take another pair to change into.

5. Bridal party numbers

Don’t ask too many people to be in your bridal party. If there is too many bridesmaids and groomsmen, it creates problems with choosing dresses and suits (everybody has a different opinion and it makes it harder to please everyone and agree on a style and colour) and finding a wedding car to fit everyone in is sooo much harder.

So what do you think? Was this helpful?
Leave your opinion below and contact us now to get the ball rolling for your wedding photography and video.
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Going to wedding expos? Here’s what to do….

photography and video can be found at Melbourne wedding expos

Whether you live in Melbourne or elsewhere, planning a wedding can be a love story or a tragic drama!

So now you’ve said yes to the love of your life, got the ring (yayyy) and the wedding date is organised, there are ways to make sure your wedding turns out exactly the way you want….

For starters, go to some wedding expos. But which ones???

Well, here’s some help from us, seasoned Melbourne photographers and videographers, who have taken part in heaps of them. And trust me… they vary A LOT!

Begin by making a list of what you need for your wedding. (Probably start with the wedding service location and reception venue – these are the most important things to book first).

Then, in this order, look for your:

  • wedding photographer – us at Boxer Visual!!! Hint, hint…  😉
  • wedding dress
  • band
  • video – us too!!!
  • bridesmaids dresses
  • wedding invitations
  • florist
  • groom and groomsmen’s suits
  • cars
  • makeup/hair
  • honeymoon destination






Shopping for all this stuff is easier at wedding expos. It’s a one stop  shop! And to find where the expos are, ‘Google’ them and you’ll find heaps. Some are in the big exhibition halls in the city (and mainly held in summer) and others are smaller and in the ‘burbs’ – these are spread over the year.

The differences:

The big ones will have lots of variety and options in each category, but may be confusing and overwhelming. You will probably forget who said what. But they are a good start to see what is out there in a relatively short amount of time.

To help you remember, take a pen and write notes on the brochures the wedding vendors will give you. This enables you to later sort out the ones you like from the vendors that you are not interested in.

The smaller expos have less choice in each category, but you get a chance to talk more extensively to the wedding vendors without having to fight crowds. And they are cheaper to attend. Some are even free or a gold coin donation. The large expos can be up to $15+ per person.

We would advise going to 2 or 3 wedding expos. Then contact the vendors you like, as they have probably offered genuine extra value or discounts to entice you, which will save you money or add value to your wedding experience. These offers probably have a time limit so contact them before they expire.

All in all, bridal expos are terrific. They are like speed dating for wedding stuff and can save you lots of money and time.

What do you think? Love? Hate? Was this helpful?
Post your thoughts below and contact us  for a free photography & video consultation.



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DIY wedding makeup secrets. Shh…brides…it’s a secret. Read on…

Melbourne bride with makeup by Boxer Photography

You want your wedding photos and video to be perfect. True? Then your make up needs to last the distance, so you can look fabulous all day long…. If you look fab, you’ll feel fab and then so will your wedding photos….

So have you always wanted to know the supposed secrets to long lasting makeup? Weddings can take a toll on makeup, from tears, to the elements and more, because, lets be fair, no one wants their foundation to come off when giving a family member a hug.

Luckily, there are ways to give longevity to your makeup, if you are not interested in hiring an artist for your special day, (though we would recommend you should. They know what to do and how to do it.).

But if you prefer the DIY route, here are a few tips told to us by an extremely experienced wedding make up artist:

Use a Primer
To make sure your eye shadow and foundation last all day, invest in a good face and eye primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is one of the best selling eye primers in the world and ensures that your shadow won’t crease, even after a long day. Foundation primer is important because it creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, giving a flawless look and not allowing the foundation to be interrupted by changes in the skin.

photo of a Melbourne bride with makeup by Boxer photographyphotography

Use a Setting Powder or Spray
And make sure to bring it with you! Once you are done applying your foundation, give a light dusting of a setting powder to secure everything in place. A setting spray should be used when all of your makeup except for your lipstick is complete.

Find a Lip Stain
There is nothing worse than having to touch up your lipstick every ten minutes. It is easy to find a lip stain or a long wearing lip color to wear at your wedding, and consider a lip primer too in order to make it last even longer.

Invest in a Longwear Foundation

Many companies offer a longwearing  foundation, but not all of them are truly built to last. Do your research to find out what foundation will work best for you and remember to have someone correctly match you at a store. Over 70% of women are currently wearing the wrong foundation shade; do not be one of them! Some companies with fantastic longwear foundation include Smashbox, MAC, Kat Von D, and Make Up For Ever. Most of these brands can be found at a local Sephora or in a department store  like David Jones or Myer.

Some pharmacies will give you a make up lesson, if you make an appointment. They will help you choose makeup and then show you how to apply it. Priceline does free 15 minute consultations. Worth trying out and you can book an appointment on line. One of my brides did it and said it was really useful.

Hope we have given you some food for thought. You can do wedding makeup DIY if you are brave (and creative), but think seriously about getting a wedding makeup professional too.

After all, your wedding is about making you feel special, beautiful and happy. Make a day that will have ecstatic memories that will last a life time. So start with your inner and outer beauty…

Then leave the rest to us… and with beautiful wedding photography locations in Melbourne that will compliment the beautiful, happy you, all will be perfect….

 What are your thoughts? Let us know. Leave your opinion below. Then contact us to find out more about weddings, including photography and video in Melbourne.
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The best 10 Melbourne wedding photography locations.

Melbourne University wedding photography

Melbourne – known in the past as the Garden State, The Fashion Capital, The Restaurant Capital and the place to get the best coffee in the world.

So we who live here are very lucky. It’s beautiful.

It also has many amazing photo locations, whether you want them for a wedding shoot or just because you like photography.

So here is a list of the 10 best photo location spots we have found for weddings:

1. Parliament House Melbourne. Amazing old building with a majestic facade. Great for old world themed weddings. Cons: hard to park and you may have to compete with other wedding parties there too.

2. Hoisier Lane, Melbourne. This has the iconic street art graffiti on the walls which is constantly changing. Colourful, grungy, industrial. Very popular. Cons: parking is hard. In fact most city locations have that issue, so keep that in mind.

3. Army Barracks. Majestic bluestone building covered in ivy that changes with each season. Can get really beautiful photos here. Cons: you have to get permission to take photos here and it is tricky. Have to fill out paperwork and cross your t’s and dot your i’s. If you don’t, they wont let you take photos.


4. St Kilda beach and Brighton beach (with it’s colourful bathing boxes). Beach shots are a bit risky because it can kill your hair with the wind, but flowing veil shots can look fantastic. St Kilda beach is also close to Luna Park with it’s big face -great for wedding photography.

.Luna Park wedding photo in Melbourne


5. Albert Park Lake. Can have same issues as 4. but it’s lovely there. Best photography is done when it is overcast so you don’t get shadows on your face. Caulfield park is great too.

Albert Park Lake wedding photography

6. 4 Male St Brighton. For a Spanish feel, with orange walls and window shutters – it’s lovely here.

Male St Brighton wedding photography

7. Kamesburgh Gardens Anzac Hostel Brighton. Like ‘Gone With the Wind’? Well, you’ll like this. Lovely mansion with a lovely porch, beautiful gardens, easy parking.

8. Melbourne University Trinity College. Has a fantastic Gothic feel. Very Harry Potter.

Melbourne University photography for a wedding

9. Treasury Gardens. Lovely tree lined paths, near the Old Exhibition Building which is a great photo spot too. Also close to Imax with it’s modern building and the colourful ‘Rubix Cube” wall.

10. Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Very architectural, with angled lines and a long outdoor corridor. Good spot if it looks like it may rain, as it’s undercover.

There are HEAPS more Melbourne photo locations which we can help you with. Here’s a few more:

City photography locations:
  • The City Museum
  • Foyer & entrance of the Windsor Hotel
  • Federation Square
  • Melba Park
  • Myer Music Bowl
  • Flinders Street station
  • The St Kilda Road Bridge
  • Southbank
  • The Arts Centre
  • High end shops in Collins Street
  • City views from the Yarra River.
  • Parks, bridges and city views to the south of the Yarra River, across the river from Federation Square
  • Flinders Lane – old architecture, with archways and buildings from the past.
  • 333 Collins St – shelter from the rain.
  • Collins Place- also good if the weather is a bit questionable.
Photography locations up to 20 minutes away from the CBD:
  • Docklands –city skyline views and promenades with boats
  • Spencer Street Station. Great architecture
  • Chinatown
  • St Kilda – Acland Street for casual cafe and bar shots.
  • Yarra Bend Boat Houses
  • Southbank and Southgate
  • Crown Casino – especially around sunset. It doesn’t allow photos in many places, but it’s still worth going. Rooftop is great and is allowed if you have your reception there.
  • The Park Hyatt – if your reception is in the hotel. Fantastic foyer. They may charge.
  • Block Arcade
  • So what do you think? Helpful? Got ideas of your own? Post below.

Want any help either with your wedding, or your wedding photography and video?

Contact us . We can help.

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Considering a DIY album? So here’s the lowdown, Melbourne brides & grooms…

pic of albums195


It’s cheap. And not necessarily in a good way…..


You have to do it yourself and once you get down to it, that’s really hard to do. In fact, we know heaps of Melbourne brides and grooms who have had wonderful intentions of putting aside time to do it, but then, it never actually happens. Because it IS hard. And life gets in the way – so they don’t have time, and trust me – it takes ages to design. So the photos are just left on the USB and forgotten. What a huge pity….

Plus the dilemma of the photos….What photos do you choose and how many? My mad cousin is making faces in the background and I want that deleted. How do I do that???

What will the quality of the album paper be like? Are the pages soft and flimsy? If they are, the album wont last with many hands flipping through it until the pages buckle, dent and bend. Hard pages of a professional album can put up with the ‘finger traffic’ and can usually be wiped clean.

What’s the quality of the actual printing? Will Big W care if the photo is a bit too light or dark or over exposed? Nope. They’ll just print what you give them.

What about the actual layout. Do you know how to make the pages look edgy, emotional and beautiful at the same time? What photos should be in what order? What will look good with what background or combination? How many photos should be on each page? If you are a graphic artist you probably know all this stuff. But if you are an accountant, or a podiatrist, chances are you wont.

So think about all of this before you get married. While you are doing your photography research. The studio you choose should able to help you design and make an album for you. It will be quality from start to finish.

Melbourne bide by Boxer Photography

If you want a wedding album that you will love and be proud to show your family and friends, find the money to factor it in.

After the flowers have wilted and the dress is boxed up, your photos and video will be all you have left to help you remember what fun you had at your wedding. Don’t put that in a box too because it was all too hard to arrange.

An album that will last as long as your love for one another. I know…that’s cheesy, but the reason you chose a professional photographer is so you can have photos that show who you are and how your wedding was. The album is the icing on the cake. If you have professional photography you need to do yourself the justice of having a professional album. And you wont regret it!

Would love to hear what you think. Have you made your own album? If you are not married yet, what do you intend to do with your wedding photos? Post below.

If you want any photography or video help, or to talk us, contact us on 03 95781857 or 0412055059.


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Help! My Maid of Honour is a Melbourne Maidzilla!

ELENI 00660aca195

We have all heard the horror stories or have seen reality television shows that feature brides and their absolute meltdowns that they can have leading up to or even on their wedding day.

If you have ever been an unfortunate witness to a friend or family member being a bridezilla, you know how ugly it can get. But what if you are a bride and your maid of honour has become a Melbourne maidzilla???

It may not be as common, but as the film Bridesmaids has shown us with the epic rivalry between Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne’s character, things can get a little tough for the bride to handle sometimes.

If you are experiencing your maid of honour being more pushy than helpful, it is your responsibility to tell her so.

Melnourne bridesmaid photo

There are a many responsibilities that go into being a maid of honour, such as helping throw a bridal shower, putting together a hens night before the wedding and even helping the bride research things.

However, something she needs to remember is that IT IS NOT HER WEDDING, IT IS YOURS, and she is just there to offer advise, not make the final decision on which Melbourne photographer or florist to use….

If your maid of honour is prone to stress under pressure, be sure to remind her to relax and that she cannot be prepared for everything, just as you can’t. On the wedding day, she is the go-to girl for questions and sometimes it can get a bit hectic. Make sure that the woman you pick to be your maid of honour is responsible and level-headed, and you may be able to avoid a maidzilla all together.

If the Melbourne ‘zilla does begin to rear its ugly head, though, its best to speak to your maid of honour in private. Gossiping or complaining to the other bridesmaids is about the worst thing you can do, especially if it all comes back to her. Remind her gently that it is your wedding, and you’ll take her advice when you ask for it.

Most importantly, try not to stress yourself out if this becomes an issue – just take care of it before it gets any worse. Then you will have the wedding of your dreams with the bridal party of your dreams. And in a location of your dreams – Melbourne! What could be better?

Have you heard of any maidzilla stories? Let us know by posting below.


Want more tips and ideas from a source that is ‘in the know’?

We have been involved in photography and video in Melbourne for 35 years and have probably seen everything to do with weddings. The good, bad and ugly. And luckily, more often, not so ugly!

So sign up to our newsletters by leaving your name, details and email address here and write the word ‘newsletter’ and your event will be on it’s way to being fantastic. 

We don’t pass on your info to anyone else. We promise!

Or if you are getting married, call us on 95781857 and make an obligation free appointment to talk about photography and video. If you mention our free Royal Doulton gift, its yours (value $35). While stocks last, so call now.

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Makeup tips from a Melbourne wedding photographer??? You’ll look fab!

Melbourne Wedding photograhy  with bride with professional makeup

Your Melbourne wedding  is fast approaching. All is arranged, photography included. Everything done but the makeup…

Should you DIY or get someone to do it for you? Hmmmm…..

It is easy to do your own makeup on your wedding day, if you have the right makeup and supplies. As long as you have some knowledge about applying makeup, these tips and tricks could be a wedding girl’s best friend!

1. Prep Your Skin
Don’t use any new face products on your wedding day. Heaven forbid if you break out on THE most important day of your life! And using a new, untested product may have disastrous consequences. So don’t do it!

What you need to do is develop a routine (with the assistance of a professional) weeks before your wedding day for an improvement in how your skin looks. The base for a great makeup application is taking care of your skin!

2. Consider False Lashes
Since you’ve likely hired a photographer for your wedding, consider wearing false lashes on your wedding day. If you have never worn them before, a local makeup counter such as Myer or David Jones can teach you. Or you can look at good old You Tube for help too.

Great lashes draw attention to your eyes, making them appear larger and the false lashes give that look of fullness.


Melbourne wedding makeup photography

3. Use a Setting Powder or Spray
Once you have completed your look for the day, make sure you finish it with a spray that will seal your makeup and help it stay looking pristine. If you are using a translucent finishing powder, apply this after you complete your foundation and then continue as normal for your eye makeup, lipstick and blush.

4. Make a Touch Up Kit
This can be very easily forgotten, so don’t be one of those brides! Bring a small clutch with your lipstick, blotting paper (for oily skin), your finishing powder or spray, lash glue (if you are wearing false lashes) a couple Q-tips and some tissue. Get a bridesmaid to look after it so you don’t have to worry.

5. Use a Lip Stain
Lip stains are easier than lipstick or gloss and often do exactly as they say: staining your lips the color you chose, giving you a long-lasting look throughout the day. Keep in mind that stains can leave your lips dry, so be sure you also pick up a hydrating lip balm to put on following the use of the stain.

Bridesmaid helping bride with makeup in Melbourne


Think about what you want to do about your makeup. Ask you recently married girlfriends what they did – ask for recommendations. After all, if you feel special, you will look special, so makeup is sooo important. And you don’t want to get it wrong.

Personally, after seeing so many brides, we would suggest getting a professional to do it. It’s not worth the risk. But if you want to do it yourself, these wedding make up tips will help make you look beautiful. And make your wedding photography pop!

Want more ideas and wedding help? .

For more articles like this, contact us leaving you name email address and we will send you ideas to help you have a wonderful wedding. Leave your name, mobile if you like and email address here and write the word ‘newsletter’.

Also call us on 03 9578 1857 or 0412055059 so we can have a little chat and see if we are a good fit.

Can’t wait to hear from you…..

Post your comments below in the COMMENTS box and press the ‘comment using Facebook button’. The best of luck for a wonderful Melbourne wedding.



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It’s photography contest time! And it’s easy!

photography and video Melbourne contest


All you have to do is:

1. Vote for the photo you think is best by posting the couple’s names (eg Mary and Tom) in the drop the COMMENTS box below.

2. Then explain WHY you think they should win. It doesn’t have to be long. One or two sentences is great.

3. “Post on Facebook” option should be enabled when posting a comment (but that is optional, but preferred 😉 )

The winner will be the photo with the most comments.

So what’s the prize??? The winner gets a huge 20″x 24″ velvet backed, ready to hang photo wrap enlargement. Value $680.

Much better than a boring old canvas.
And the bride and groom get to choose the photo they want. It doesn’t even have to be a wedding photo. They can send us a ‘happy snap’ if they like*. Whatever they want….

So here are the photos to vote on (in no particular order):


2 DANIEL SARIT  photo at the beach4 AMELIA BEN close up photo 5 Catlin Scott  country photography6 Jenna Daniel 7 ALEX groom photo8 shari ross Jewish photographer                   9 Michelle russell  0605ann SYDNEY NIKITA  photo in Melbourne park10 posed photo

11 Marni Dale photography

13 jewish wedding Melbourne photography

14Mandi 00505BVPn

15 kate brett Melbourne photo

Bride and groom in Melbourne

So go on….vote now.
Then email, call, message, post and tweet all your family, friends and work mates and make sure they vote too. It finishes on March 17 2015, so don’t delay.

What are the rules?

– It’s one vote per person. But you can post comments as much as you like.
– You must explain in a sentence or two why you chose that photo. Reasons can be as serious or silly as you like.
– The people in the photo can vote for themselves :)
– Get everyone you know to vote. The more votes the better the chance of winning.

Why are we doing this?
It gives us a chance to thank some of our wonderful Melbourne brides and grooms who have asked us to take photography and video of their wedding.
We also love a contest! Especially if it’s easy and this one really is. And the chance of winning is high.
So thanks for being involved. We are really looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Post your vote now. Include the name of photo and your reason. Click “Post on Facebook” option when posting a comment (but that is optional, but preferred 😉 ) .
The winner will be announced on this post on the 20th March 2015. So come back on that date to check.

The best of luck….

*The happy snap photo should to be good/reasonable in quality, otherwise the photo will be blurry once it is enlarged.

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Well the numbers and in. Thanks to everyone who participated.  And the winner is Marni and Dale. Congratulations guys! Just give Rosanne a call on 03 95781857 and we will get started with your enlargement.

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Money instead of a wedding gift? Yes or no?

Melbourne photography (2)

Everything is arranged. The wedding service is going to be at an idyllic Melbourne location with family and friends. The reception and band have great reputations and the video and photography studio are known for their beautiful photos.

So all is good and most of the details are in place.

Invitations are about to go out and probably many guests will be thinking about what to buy you for a wedding present.

But there’s problem. You don’t want or need another iron. You have towels, so more are just a waste. After all, you two have been living together for quite a while, so you have all the domestic stuff pretty well sorted.

And you really don’t like Aunt Nicky’s taste…. at all……so you don’t even want to think about the gift she will bring….


wedding gift Melbourne 50

Are you destined then, to a huge pile of gifts that you don’t want, like or need? Will you have to go down the ‘re-gifting road’ or try to flog stuff on eBay? Ughhh.

HEEELLLP!!!! Is there an alternative?

Yes there is. Politely ask for money! When it comes to weddings (and birthdays too!) many cultures in Melbourne have been giving money as gifts for years. It is very common with Asian, Jewish, Hindu, Greek and Turkish weddings. It is not considered inappropriate or lacking in taste, rather, it is thought of as good luck and a way to help the bride and groom at the start of their married lives.

It lets the couple spend it the way they want. Perhaps for a honeymoon fund or for renovations, or even to help pay for the wedding.

Melbourne photography (50)

Sounds great, but how to ask? It’s SOOO embarrassing….

In your invitations, explain that you are living together and don’t need ‘things’, so if they want, wedding guests can ‘feed a wishing well’ which will be at the reception. You can use words something like this:
“We are so pleased you will be at our wedding and that is all we wish . But, if you want to give a present, we will be very grateful for money that will go towards our honeymoon/ house/renovations/etc. fund.”

Some people will still give a gift, but you will find many will now give money.

So go on… bite the bullet. And start a new tradition…

After all, you are still giving your guests a choice. If they feel uncomfortable, they can still buy a wedding gift.

Let me know how it went, or how you feel about doing this. Post your comments below and tell us what you think……

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Can’t wait to hear from you…..

P.S. Brendan Stevenson wrote in response to this, in a Facebook post, “It is a better idea, when you’re saving for your dream home it’s the most ultimate wedding gift and means a whole lot more. We are getting married in October and we have a wishing well for our engagement party and wedding.”

Karen Williamson wrote, “I don’t mind it as an option with what they are saving for but I dislike it as a directive and being the only choice. I like choosing a gift for people I care about. I like that the gift is meaningful and creates a memory in their home of people and celebration.”

What’s your opinion? Post below…..

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Want THE BEST wedding cake in Melbourne?
Read this.

AMY 740195

So we aren’t cake designers, we are photographers and videographers. So we have never made a wedding cake in our lives. So what?

But we still eat cake. Yum! And like cake. Mmmmm.

What’s important though, is that we have seen lots of wedding cakes and talked to a lot of the best Melbourne cake designers who have told us a tip or two.

And we can pass this on to you.


So here goes….

The first thing you should do is let your cake maker know your true budget. And be honest about this. Then the cake artist can interpret a realistic design that won’t be over your budget, but still with a design that you will love. If everyone is in the same ballpark, things will work out. Being real is needed to do this.

Keep in mind the cost of your cake is determined by the style, size and experience of the cake maker. Consider having large sugar flowers spaced around the cake, or blocks of colour instead of intricate piped lace or a floral cascade, if you want to keep costs down.

Be adventurous. Try different flavours and have fun with it. Use ingredients that are in season during the time of year that your wedding is. This will help the budget. Then make the cake your dessert at the wedding reception.

Don’t skimp on delivery. Let the cake maker do it. Don’t try to do it yourself. They will have a refrigerated van (hopefully) and will be responsible for the safe delivery and placement of the cake at the reception centre. Is it worth risking the possibility of dropping the cake? Probably not.

If you want to keep some for your first wedding anniversary, lock out as much moisture as you can. Then store the top layer in an airtight container. Wrap this in plastic wrap or bag and freeze. Then a year later, thaw it out and off you go. Enjoy with a glass of bubbly.

At the end of the day, keep things in perspective… really, it’s just cake. It’s a very beautiful, pricey cake, but it’s just icing, flour, sugar and eggs. It may not turn out how you expected, it may fall over, or it may never arrive (God forbid). Bur really, what’s important? Marrying your best friend and having a happy life. The rest? Just details.

Found this blog helpful? Want more great wedding tips? Just leave us your details on our Contact Us page. Leave your comments below.

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‘Insider trading’ of fantastic wedding hints. A great read.

195CARA 1044da

We know you are new to this wedding stuff. So you may not know what is what…. That’s okay, coz we’ll help. After being involved in thousands of Melbourne weddings over 3+ decades, we’ve picked up an idea or two….
So read and learn 😉
1/ Having a country or summer wedding? Summer flies may drive you nuts. Solution? Take fly repellent. We recently saw a video that has the groom kissing the bride at the end of the wedding ceremony and there is a fly on his cheek! Pity he didn’t take the Areoguard…
We have had another wedding when a bee got caught in the layers of a bride’s wedding dress. They got it out, but if you can avoid this, it’s better for everyone … the bee included.


2/ About a week before your wedding, go to a local jeweller and ask them if they can give your diamond engagement ring a clean , preferably with a sonic cleaner for jewellery. This will make your ring look like new. All pretty and sparkly! They may even buff the band too. Most of the time this wont have a charge, particularly if you bought it from them.

3/ Arrange to have a close family friend help keep people in line during the photo session with the families. If you can get someone to make sure people need to be ready for their turn having photos, it makes things fast, and easy.

4/ If you have provided wedding props at the reception venue, such as vases, blackboard signs and hand crafted decorations, make sure you give a list of this stuff to your parents or someone in the bridal party, so they know what to take home at the end of the reception. Give this printout to the reception centre manager too. Otherwise they may be chucked, which may be disappointing if you wanted to keep them (or worse – you hired them and they need to be returned).

Catlin Scott  0291a
5/ Don’t bust your balls trying to be unique. Frankly, weddings are not original. They have been around for centuries. The reality is, no matter how much money you spend, your wedding is not going to be one of a kind. So you don’t really need a huge custom designed sign of your love on every table at the reception. Chill – keep things in perspective. THE most important thing we have learned after being part of heaps of weddings, is that if the groom, bride and family had a ball, then the wedding was wonderful and a total success. You don’t need to try to keep up with the Joneses. Just relax, have a fun wedding and be yourself.

6/ Don’t forget to turn off your phone and make sure everyone else does too. Especially during the wedding ceremony Sounds obvious, but many people forget.

7/ Make time with each of your parents. The bride dances with her dad and the groom with his mum, but take a moment with the other parent too. The day will probably be as emotional for them as it is for you.

8/ Thank your wedding vendors during the speeches. Nothing makes us work harder for you than a pat on the back 😉 and not many people remember to say something, so when they do, we really notice. And love it.

9/ The wedding night. If there is whoopee, terrific. But after a very long day, many brides and grooms drop in exhaustion. This is actually, quite common. Don’t stress… there’ll be heaps of time for fireworks later. Over and over again…..

Liked these ideas? Hated them? Want more good ideas? Contact us and leave your email address and we will put you on our mailing list (which is never shared with others).
So go on….post your comments below.

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