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DIY wedding makeup secrets. Shh…brides…it’s a secret. Read on…

Melbourne bride with makeup by Boxer Photography

You want your wedding photos and video to be perfect. True? Then your make up needs to last the distance, so you can look fabulous all day long…. If you look fab, you’ll feel fab and then so will your wedding photos….

So have you always wanted to know the supposed secrets to long lasting makeup? Weddings can take a toll on makeup, from tears, to the elements and more, because, lets be fair, no one wants their foundation to come off when giving a family member a hug.

Luckily, there are ways to give longevity to your makeup, if you are not interested in hiring an artist for your special day, (though we would recommend you should. They know what to do and how to do it.).

But if you prefer the DIY route, here are a few tips told to us by an extremely experienced wedding make up artist:

Use a Primer
To make sure your eye shadow and foundation last all day, invest in a good face and eye primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is one of the best selling eye primers in the world and ensures that your shadow won’t crease, even after a long day. Foundation primer is important because it creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, giving a flawless look and not allowing the foundation to be interrupted by changes in the skin.

photo of a Melbourne bride with makeup by Boxer photographyphotography

Use a Setting Powder or Spray
And make sure to bring it with you! Once you are done applying your foundation, give a light dusting of a setting powder to secure everything in place. A setting spray should be used when all of your makeup except for your lipstick is complete.

Find a Lip Stain
There is nothing worse than having to touch up your lipstick every ten minutes. It is easy to find a lip stain or a long wearing lip color to wear at your wedding, and consider a lip primer too in order to make it last even longer.

Invest in a Longwear Foundation

Many companies offer a longwearing  foundation, but not all of them are truly built to last. Do your research to find out what foundation will work best for you and remember to have someone correctly match you at a store. Over 70% of women are currently wearing the wrong foundation shade; do not be one of them! Some companies with fantastic longwear foundation include Smashbox, MAC, Kat Von D, and Make Up For Ever. Most of these brands can be found at a local Sephora or in a department store  like David Jones or Myer.

Some pharmacies will give you a make up lesson, if you make an appointment. They will help you choose makeup and then show you how to apply it. Priceline does free 15 minute consultations. Worth trying out and you can book an appointment on line. One of my brides did it and said it was really useful.

Hope we have given you some food for thought. You can do wedding makeup DIY if you are brave (and creative), but think seriously about getting a wedding makeup professional too.

After all, your wedding is about making you feel special, beautiful and happy. Make a day that will have ecstatic memories that will last a life time. So start with your inner and outer beauty…

Then leave the rest to us… and with beautiful wedding photography locations in Melbourne that will compliment the beautiful, happy you, all will be perfect….

 What are your thoughts? Let us know. Leave your opinion below. Then contact us to find out more about weddings, including photography and video in Melbourne.



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