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Going to wedding expos? Here’s what to do….

photography and video can be found at Melbourne wedding expos

Whether you live in Melbourne or elsewhere, planning a wedding can be a love story or a tragic drama!

So now you’ve said yes to the love of your life, got the ring (yayyy) and the wedding date is organised, there are ways to make sure your wedding turns out exactly the way you want….

For starters, go to some wedding expos. But which ones???

Well, here’s some help from us, seasoned Melbourne photographers and videographers, who have taken part in heaps of them. And trust me… they vary A LOT!

Begin by making a list of what you need for your wedding. (Probably start with the wedding service location and reception venue – these are the most important things to book first).

Then, in this order, look for your:

  • wedding photographer – us at Boxer Visual!!! Hint, hint…  😉
  • wedding dress
  • band
  • video – us too!!!
  • bridesmaids dresses
  • wedding invitations
  • florist
  • groom and groomsmen’s suits
  • cars
  • makeup/hair
  • honeymoon destination






Shopping for all this stuff is easier at wedding expos. It’s a one stop  shop! And to find where the expos are, ‘Google’ them and you’ll find heaps. Some are in the big exhibition halls in the city (and mainly held in summer) and others are smaller and in the ‘burbs’ – these are spread over the year.

The differences:

The big ones will have lots of variety and options in each category, but may be confusing and overwhelming. You will probably forget who said what. But they are a good start to see what is out there in a relatively short amount of time.

To help you remember, take a pen and write notes on the brochures the wedding vendors will give you. This enables you to later sort out the ones you like from the vendors that you are not interested in.

The smaller expos have less choice in each category, but you get a chance to talk more extensively to the wedding vendors without having to fight crowds. And they are cheaper to attend. Some are even free or a gold coin donation. The large expos can be up to $15+ per person.

We would advise going to 2 or 3 wedding expos. Then contact the vendors you like, as they have probably offered genuine extra value or discounts to entice you, which will save you money or add value to your wedding experience. These offers probably have a time limit so contact them before they expire.

All in all, bridal expos are terrific. They are like speed dating for wedding stuff and can save you lots of money and time.

What do you think? Love? Hate? Was this helpful?
Post your thoughts below and contact us  for a free photography & video consultation.





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