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Help! My Wedding Budget is Low. What Do I Do?


After saying the dreamy-eyed “YES!” at the proposal, brides get all giddy about planning their dream wedding with Prince Charming.

The stretch limousine, Melbourne designer wedding gown, elaborate floral arrangements, 5-course reception dinner and the 6-tiered wedding cake pile on bling and extravagance to your wedding.

So soon you’ll end up with a budget that’s bigger than the planet and a headache more explosive than the sun!!

Firstly, don’t panic!

This dilemma is normal with brides-to-be, especially for those doing their wedding without a wedding planner. Each detail tends to pile on top of the other, as couples want the best for their big Melbourne wedding.

So talk about it with your groom and get the opinion of those who are married, like your sister, best friend, maid of honour, or even your mum.

A few deep breaths and lots of coffee later, take your calm. collected self into full brainstorming mode. Go over the entire list of the wedding plans and take note of what can be lessened, DIY-ed, or even cancelled.

Don’t go crossing out everything though; it still is a wedding and most importantly your own wedding. But what needs to go or stay? Here are wedding tips that are worth saving:

Essentials List

1. Stick to the essentials. Be it a big or small wedding, there are several elements that are needed for your wedding. These include the priest, minister or celebrant, the venue, clothes for the bride and groom, and bites for all the attendees.

Start planning with these as the base for everything else, keep them toned down, or hype them up with fancy themes and decorations to suit your style and personality as a couple.

Try to cut down guest list

2. Trim down the excess. Won’t your guests suffer from sugar rush when you have a chocolate fondue AND a lolly station at the reception? Is it possible to have the same band or singing group for both the ceremony and the reception? Is there a really need for hiring photo booth when already you have a photographer for the reception? Go over the list again and decide which aspects are duplicates or which ones can be merged to cut down costs.

3. Big cuts could mean big savings. Shaving a few dozen off the guest list can help cut a huge portion off your budget. Of course you’d want your second cousin’s wife’s office mate to attend your special day. Who wouldn’t?

But then you’d have to take into consideration the budget and the amount spent on each person. Anyone who has planned a wedding will surely understand your situation.

Be careful with what’s important

4. Don’t skimp on memories. There is a reason why professional wedding photos and videos are always booked. These are the only keepsakes left from such an incredible day and these are the souvenirs that get passed down to the next generations.

Uncle Ben might have a DSLR, or guests can simply use their smartphones, but only the professionals can do what they do best in fast-paced, emotional events like weddings.

If you need to, get the simplest package or even hire a minimal number of crew, but make sure to get a wedding photographer and videographer to make your wedding day last a lifetime.

Do you have any suggestions? Post below in the comments section. We’d love to hear…

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