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About Us

Our Story

It all began when we were planning our wedding and knew we didn’t want go down the traditional ‘wedding movie’ route. We had heard about new ‘video’ technology that was really innovative at the time. It had sound and a much longer playing time than traditional film, so we went for it.

The result was not terrific (to say the least – it was so new, no one knew what they were doing!). But with Robert’s previous movie background, we knew we could do video for others and in a much better way. It took off and fast.

Thanks to our passion for helping brides and grooms and my bad ass editing skills (and let’s not forget Robert’s big talking skills!) we created a video business that quickly became a benchmark in Melbourne.

Business blossomed, both with weddings and corporate and we decided to include photography too. And now, with over 35 years experience, we’ve made it in to the most kick ass award winning photography and video business there is today!

And it’s so much fun. I LOVE seeing what our edgy, risk taking photographers come up with. I think we get nearly as excited about seeing what they shoot, as our wedding couples.

The Bottom Line: Why We Do What We Do

We’re sad when we hear people say, “We don’t know how to find a photographer that understands our style.”

We believe you deserve to get an image maker that can really reflect YOUR true personality. So in the end you’ll have memories that will be treasured not only by you, but by future generations.

Boxer Visual is here to support you in making that happen. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Between us, and our photography and video family, we manage come up with some pretty amazing things.

So contact us to learn more about how we can help you rock your photography and video.

Thanks for finding us and we look forward to seeing your big smiles.

Be amazing!

Rosanne and Robert