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What does that thing on Donald Trump’s head and your wedding have in common?


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Just glance at tycoon Donald Trump’s face and there’s one feature that immediately grabs your attention – his hair. Over the years, Trump has been consistently creating a buzz through the never ending zeroes in his net worth, the reality shows and the numerous intriguing stories and opinions he has, especially in his presidential campaign.

Yet no matter how people view him, Donald Trump’s most interesting aspect will forever be his one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

Brides and grooms also want their wedding to be a one of a kind, whether they are in Melbourne or Mt Eliza or Malvern. They want it memorable too. One way to be an absolute standout in your own wedding is through awesome wedding hair.

Yep, you got it right. It is always about the hair, as it’s the crowning glory of any woman (and some men!) and it’s the first eye-catching detail on any person’s physical being.

Ask any other fashion blogger or stylist and they will certainly tell you how important the hairstyle may be for anyone who is trying to make a statement. Dignitaries, celebrities, and other famous personalities can attest that hair can either make or break their campaign or career.

It goes the same with wedding hair – it can make a bride’s look epic, or turn it into epic fail.

Just as Donald Trump owns up to his iconic hairstyle, make sure that your own wedding hair stands out during the big day. Shine the brightest and leave the entire room weeping as your march to the wedding altar, radiate like a goddess as you proclaim your undying love for your soul mate, and be the exact realization of the saying “the blushing bride” on your very own day.

Remember that photos and videos taken of the wedding day will forever be cherished; these are framed onto walls and passed on to the next generations on your own great grand daughter’s wedding day.

Who would want to go down in history as the grandma with the bad hair day on her own wedding day? No one.

So want to up the ante when it comes to wedding hair? Consult your wedding stylists and coordinate with the makeup, fashion professionals and photographer to determine the look that best suits you.

It’s a good idea to do hair treatments and other experimental beauty regimen at least 6 months before the wedding day, just in case you’ll be needing time to wear off chemicals, tone down allergic reactions, or simply just to grow out a bad haircut.

According to Donald Trump, “my hair is 100% mine” so take his billion-dollar words and make your wedding hair a hundred percent your own as well on your special day.

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